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Xenergie launches its Extravision Programme at ESB (Electricity Supply Board) Ireland

Xenergie Extravision provides a reflective action learning spaceto review professional practice and add to continuing professional development for those involved in coaching within organizations, with the objectivity of an external coaching supervisor/mentor, qualified in coaching supervisory practice.

What is Extravision and Professional Supervision?

Supervision is now widely recognized as a professional necessity by most Coaching Organisations/Institutes in Ireland and the UK, in order to maintain clarity and freshness of insight amongst coaches. It is also a source of continuous professional development and mastering practice. The word ‘supervision’ is slightly confusing, which is why we refer to it as Extravision within Xenergie. It is not a test of competence.

Coaching supervision is a time set aside, on a regular basis, for coaches to reflect on their practice with a professional who is experienced in both coaching and supervision. In a supervision session the person being supervised (supervisee) usually presents a specific case or various issues arising from his/her coaching practice. This takes place on either a one to one or small group basis.

Xenergie Extravision takes this further into an organisational context – it is a day of group and 1-1 coaching supervision geared to coaching within the systemic nature of organisations. Above all, it is a space to explore what it means to coach within the many dimensions and parallel processes that come into play between coach, coachee and organisation and the contexts of coaching within a business environment.

The main benefit to the organisation is external objectivity and external insight into best practice, from professionals who are working full time in the field of coaching, whilst benefiting from the economics of scale of appointing internal coaches. External input increases the transformational impact of coaching and aids innovation and renewal, whilst providing much needed support to internal coaches.

“These workshops are a key element in our coaching strategy within ESB, where continuous learning is seen as an essential contributor to our promotion of coaching in the organisation and the delivery of a high performance culture”. Billy Byrne ESB Senior Executive Coach

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