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What Xenergie's Systemic Team Coaching graduates say about the program

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A program that continues to grow

Xenergie's Systemic Team Coaching Program is now entering it's 5th intake year and is growing every year. The program consists of a twelve month, practical learning journey that develops you as a team member and your skills to coach teams within organisations qualifying for 94 Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEU) from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and has been awarded the "Accredited Advanced Diploma in Coach Training" status by the Association for Coaching (AC).

International Contingent

International Contingent

This year we have delegates from a number of countries, giving the program more international scope. We have delegates from India, Europe and Russia as well as Ireland, adding to the delegates' opportunity for Cross-Cultural learning at the same time as earning an accredited coaching certificate. We, along with our colleagues in Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, Singapore & Malaysia, are currently looking at other international markets to bring this successful program for the 2016 intake. We hope to make the class of 2016 will be the most culturally diverse yet!

What our graduates say

But don't just take our word for it, past graduates of the program have been more than happy to share their experience of achieving the Systemic Team Coaching Certificate:

Orla S

"Before I did this course, I intrinsically knew what was going on but what this course gave me was the courage and the language to name what was going on in order to unlock a  cultural gridlock.  It gave me the mettle to unpack it. What I found most interesting is how behaviours displayed in group setting are exactly what people are experiencing in the company."

- Orla Scott - Head of HR Management at Pioneer Investment Management Ltd



"I signed up to complete the Systemic Team Coaching course with Xenergie after attending an online presentation, with the closing line being “It will be an experience that will transform you”. It certainly has been quite a journey and one I expect will never truly end...

The Xenergie mentor and learning groups helped me form a better understanding of the philosophy of the coaching profession. “You can learn from anyone”, “learning and development is a lifelong commitment” and “everyone is capable of finding their own best solution” are particular principles that resonate strongly with me...

Coaching a business team on my own for the first time was a challenging experience; the support given to me by coaching colleagues was imperative to any level of success achieved...

Working with a business team brings the theory to life, right in front of your eyes, mind and heart."

- Avril O'Higgins - R&D Program Manager, Veryan Medical (Ireland)



"As a team coach certified through the Xenergie Systemic Team Coaching Program, I recognize three areas that are currently the foundations for my work.  Although I imagine these three areas will evolve over time, they serve me well thus far.   They are Development, Assumptions and Interconnectedness...

Through team coaching, team members have an opportunity for personal and professional development through the experiences they have with the team, and the personal coaching they receive on the side...

During the team coaching process, we try to shed light on these assumptions, on a business, team and personal level.   By shedding light, participants become more conscious of their own thoughts and behaviours, and accept or release those assumptions which had been holding them back...

The interconnection of people, both within a team, and between teams, is a foundation of team coaching, but also of many spiritual practices.  Through meditation and other practices, reflections on interconnectedness may lead to love and compassion for others and for ourselves."

- Theresa Hollema - Cultural Consultant and Team Coach (Netherlands)


Clodagh Huges"As a leadership and team coach I have worked with senior management teams for many years helping them become more effective. Over this time I found the work hugely fulfilling and worthwhile. In more recent years however I had a nagging feeling that potential was left on the table post many of my team interventions - potential that I believed could make the difference between a team delivering good versus outstanding results. Personally and professionally I wanted to do more than scratch the surface of what blocks a teams potential. I wanted to go deeper  first of all to really understand and then to  skillfully help a team and its stakeholders address the root cause of its issues so that outstanding performance could be achieved.     Xenergie'™s Systemic Team Coaching programme helped me develop these skills.  Having completed its  STC  course I now relish the opportunity to work with teams in a deeper  and more meaningful way and in a way that has the potential to deliver real and sustainable change."

- Clodagh Hughes CEO Motive8 Consultancy Services (Ireland)




Become one of the class of 2015-16, by adding your name to the list of successful Systemic Team Coaches that have benefited from their experience with Xenergie.

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