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STC Webinar Series - Leveraging Teams for Real Transformation

The Big Shift in Leading Change

Are you exploring how to leverage the power of teams and engaging people in innovating?


This webinar has already taken place, please check out our YouTube channel for webinar recordings.

Whilst there are many models and theories developing about how to be a change leader and work with teams and engage staff in being the designers of their own change, the real skill lies in the application and depth understanding of how they can work in practice.


Whilst one can even learn the theory of the application too, we argue that the successful facilitation of interventions can only be achieved if the facilitator or the consultant can truly walk his talk and has been through an innovation process in him or herself.  This is both a personal and organisational journey of great depth.

The success of an intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervenor.”

Join us during one hour for this webinar training to discuss this and discover more about Xenergie’s Systemic Team Coaching for Innovation Professional Practitioner programme and how to join our learning community of consultants, coaches and managers who are using the programme to develop themselves and their understanding of the journey.

The gifts that you’ll receive as part of this training will show you the differences between transformational (i.e. Systemic Team Coaching) and transactional (i.e. Team Performance Coaching) change, what it means for you the change leader and understanding your own ability to work with transformation within yourself.

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  • This webinar has already taken place. Check back soon for more free STC webinars.

This webinar will be facilitated by Lorna McDowell and Bernard Chanliau faculty members and practitioners of the STC certificate and Systemic Team Coaching engagements with Fortune 1000 companies.

XENERGIE Systemic Team Coaching Certificate is an ICF (AC) accredited programme that aspires to develop change agents who have the capacity to lead, generate and accompany innovation, by applying their learning systemically and emergently, through teams:

  • To bring about more energy, creativity and productivity in their area of work by seeing situations and organisations with fresh eyes …
  • So that potential can be released in what is already there …
  • And revealing untapped resources in the external context.

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