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A message from our founder Lorna McDowell

On Bastille Day 14 July in 2000 on the top floor of my garden shed, I had a vision of a business that helped to ‘re-energise people and business in really soulful ways’. Liberté, égalité, fraternité!

I founded Xenergie as part of my quest to discover how to do this, seeking the freedom and authority to discover what no company would willingly pay me to do freely at that time, partly because it hadn’t yet been invented.

What is team leadership coaching?

My career to date has been in international marketing and communications consulting in the fast paced technology industry. I frequently found myself helping companies and people to keep up with changes, express themselves clearly and attract followers. Often, what the company said ‘on the tin’ was not what happened in its culture. The reality was often confusing, disconnected and not organised in a way that brought out the best in people. However, I was lucky to work for some inspirational organisations and study who and what inspired and engaged people’s hearts. It was not usually the formal stuff but an ‘X-factor’, something about what they believed in and the way they were with each other.

My quest took me from the comforts and materialism of the Thames Valley in the UK to live in the west of Ireland, where I continued to study life and business. Not just the obvious organisational and psychological aspects, but the deep transformational practices from Eastern and native philosophies. These included the Vedas, meditation and shamanism, and some humbling experiences as a community counsellor and transformational workshop facilitator.

It was against the inspiring backdrop of the Burren and Connemara, under the stars and between the spiralling waves of nature, that the idea of Xenergie was built piece by piece - through a decade of action research answering a call to go beyond the point where others were afraid to tread. This resulted in our performance coaching approach today, and our desire to find others who share our belief and want to create a better way of organising business.

I think three things have made all the difference to us:

  1. Developing faith and resilience. It is one thing to say that we act with deep integrity for the betterment of the whole, but it is another to do it. We had to learn to listen deeply to ourselves and to others, often hearing what we didn’t want at first to hear, releasing and embracing perspectives and differences, to remain nimble and flexible to the call
  2. Getting back to nature. If we listen to the heart of nature, all that we need is there. The answers to our greatest questions are to be found in the magical formulas that nature presents all around us
  3. Staying grounded in the practical but not losing the mystical. Minimum elegant and sufficient next steps
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