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Change is undoubtedly a constant now in all our lives and organisations with the pace, intensity and unremitting nature of it a real feature of our VUCA world (velocity, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity). The ability to manage change is, therefore, a key requirement for any leader and there are some really useful models for change out there within easy reach. These models will, typically, describe the process of change and the impact on those involved. They will give you guidelines to help you deal with each stage of the process and tools/techniques to help you cope and manage.

A critical competency in this context is the ability to coach others, not just the skills and process of coaching but also the ability to be truly present with others. It is probably fair to say that most managers/leaders, in fact probably most people, are good at staying focussed on the task at hand in any piece of work or change, and some even on the process itself as well, however, most find it a real challenge to be really present with the people involved.

It is reasonably easy to learn the skills and process of coaching and there are many courses out there that will help you in this regard. However, developing the ability to be truly present is a very different challenge. It requires you to look into your own heart and soul, deeply into your own mirror, and to unearth the unconscious ways you get in your own way. It requires you to explore how you may not be very present to yourself and, therefore, to others and it challenges you to do the internal development and transformational work to show up more authentically in every minute of every day. It is a highly challenging and rewarding journey.

If this type of journey is of interest to you, or you have already embarked on it, you can further your progress or explore other elements of it by joining us on any or all of our development programs in this territory:

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By Gerard Ryan MCC MICF

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