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How is YOUR wellbeing in the workplace?

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Written by Kieran Murphy Management Consultant and Executive Coach 

Friday 8th April is National Wellbeing in the Workplace Day, in Ireland.

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When I spotted this it got me thinking about my experience of my own Wellbeing in the different workplaces I've been. One thing in particular struck me. As a manager I had a sense of responsibility for other's Wellbeing but I wasn't great at thinking about my own Wellbeing. I could have benefited from a conversation with someone with the question: "So Kieran, how is your Wellbeing in the Workplace? "

Over the years I've noticed that cultivating a mindset of Abundance has helped my sense of Wellbeing. The opposite of Abundance is Scarcity - that feeling of not having enough: time - too much to do; money - imagining what I could do with more; stillness - always busy; important events too fleeting. In contrast, Abundance, is cultivating a sense that I have more than enough - I live in a universe of beauty and mystery; my most precious requirements are free and available - love and oxygen; I don't need to compete with other for business - if what I offer is of value then I will attract work; and I can see in the world, if I choose to notice, heroic acts of bravery, commitment and imagination.

As part of my contribution to Wellbeing in the Workplace Day, in a spirit of Abundance, I'm offering 3 Managers a Free one hour coaching session on the 8th of April, for them to explore their Wellbeing. I am limiting it to Managers because of my inattention to my own Wellbeing while I was a Manager.

All I ask in return is that you Pay it Forward: do an anonymous act of kindness for someone else. And do it before the 28th April, which is International Pay it Forward Day. “Each time I perform an act of kindness, a part of me heals.”
― Lupi Ngcayisa.

If you would like to take me up on this offer please get in touch.

Offer: One hour free coaching session for people in management positions

When: 8th April

Ask: Pay it Forward

Next Step: get in touch.  Use LinkedIn or email kieran.murphy@wholestory.ie

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