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Ego-system to Eco-system


Every day we see the need for people to go deeper into what's going on within their organisations. Every day we see publicly the struggles which are emanating from the corporate world, be it from the banking crisis of the past to the crisis faced by BP in New Mexico. The most recent high profile struggle is of the Volkswagen Group which have announced a third quarter operating loss of €3.5billion (£2.5bn) after setting aside €6.7billion (£4.8bn) to deal with the “diesel emissions scandal” which has emerged in recent weeks. But will this be enough? What will be the final loss figure? The penalties and damages resulting from VW’s manipulation of emissions tests, some experts say could easily add up to more than €100 billion. The total economic costs could be a multiple of that figure.


So what then are organisations doing to avoid such disasters? Do we question business as usual practices in a deep and meaningful way to tackle real issues? Who should be responsible? Is a department such as HR in a position to avoid these problems happening and what needs to happen to put organisations in a position to avoid this kind of ego driven activity from taking place which leads to a culture of greed? Are all organisations really living ethics? What makes certain behaviours ok in organisations? How can organisations move from a situation of ego-system to eco-system?

These are deep questions and there is a need for organisations to engage with these issues. As part of our build up to our ‘Going Deeper’ workshops in London, UK over the coming months we invite you to engage with us over the preceding weeks to discuss the topic of going deeper in organisations.



Register here for our ‘Ego-system to Eco-system’ webinar - 12th November 2015 at 11am - and join a discussion with our ‘Going Deeper’ facilitators.



'Going Deeper' workshop facilitators:

Lorna McDowell

Gerry Ryan

Peter Marsh

Katherine Long


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